A special kind of sightseeing: Join me on a discovery tour in and around Vienna. Experience the historical facts of this wonderful city coming alive, complete with the tales and legends that have grown around it.

Fables, tales and legends enhance the facts, lending an extra dimension to dry reality. They make it easier to feel and grasp the essence of history and the stories it comprises.

I’ll be happy to put together a custom tour for you, tailored to your personal preferences and interests. Together, we embark on a treasure hunt that puts obvious and hidden sites as well as their history and stories in a whole new light.


In addition to general tours in and around Vienna as well as through museums, abbeys and palaces, I also offer tours on a variety of different topics.

These topics can be supplemented and combined to cover personal preferences – be they your own specific preferences and interests or those of individual family members, of friends or business associates.

How well do you know our capital city?
Hidden and notable aspects of Vienna for residents and visitors

Fablehaftes Wien Führung Geheimnisvolles, Mythen, Legenden und ihr realer Ursprung

Fabulous Vienna:
Mysteries, fables, legends and the realities behind them

Imperial Vienna:
From Hofburg to Schönbrunn – 640 years of Habsburgs demonstrating power and splendour

Jüdisches Wien Führung Judenplatz Rachel

Jewish Vienna:
A story of glorious times and deep abysses

Frauengeschichte Wahlrecht ©Volkskundemuseum

Women in Vienna’s history:
Were they muses, servants, saints, witches, models or influencers?

Jugendstil Wien Führung Otto Wagner Majolika

Art Nouveau and Vienna Modernism:
Golden ages, counter-movements and their ramifications for today’s world

Music in Vienna:
Composers, musicians, performances and their sometimes hidden venues

Social public housing in “Red Vienna” during the interwar period:
Role model whose influence extends far beyond Europe

Medieval Vienna:
Power struggles, knights, troubadours, traveling journeymen, merchants and crusaders

Orders of knights, guilds, secret societies, Rotarians & charitable service clubs:
Networking in Vienna over the course of history

Friedensreich Hundertwasser Führung

Visionary, wheeler-and-dealer or multi-talented artist?

Quacks, barber surgeons, vampire hunters and university doctors:
Medical tales in and around Vienna

Führung Wiens weniger bekannte Seiten St. Michael Hof

Vienna’s lesser known sites:
Hidden places, secret paths and passageways

Staatsoper Wien bei Nacht Ringstraße ©WienTourismus_Christian_Stemper

The Ringstrasse:
Splendid Gründerzeit boulevard and signal of a new bourgeois self-confidence

KHM Bruegel Kunsthistorisches Museum ©WienTourismus_PeterRigaud

Vienna and its art collections:
Masterpieces at Museum of Fine Arts (KHM), Belvedere, Albertina, Leopoldmuseum and other museums

From inquisition and burning at the stake to the Patent of Toleration and back again:
History of the religions in Vienna

From medieval merchant law to regional justice to international arbitration courts:
Economics and law in Vienna

Heuriger Ausflüge Exkursionen ©WienTourismus_Peter_Rigaud

Excursions to Vienna’s surroundings:
“Heurige” (young wine) taverns, Klosterneuburg, Heiligenkreuz, Melk or Krems


Finding a suitable present can be a tricky matter with certain people. Why not buy an individualized gift certificate? I’ll be happy to put together a custom tour for you, tailored to your personal preferences and interests. You can also give one of my custom tours as a gift to your family, your friends, to colleagues at work or business associates.

Here you can order an individualized gift certificate for one of my private tours, customized to the specific interests and preferences of the person receiving your gift. Costs for gift certificates depend on content and duration of the chosen tour. For further details please contact me directly.


  • Born, grew up and received my education in Vienna
  • Passionate reader as well as trained and certified bookseller
  • Master’s degree in history and political sciences at the University of Vienna
  • Several years abroad working at the Austrian Consulate General in Montreal, the EU Commission and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ORF) office in Brussels
  • News editor for the ORF television news in Vienna
  • Senior PR consultant at public relations agencies in Vienna
  • Head of Communications at one of Austria’s leading business law firms in Vienna

Today I focus on arts, culture and on the more than 2000-year history of Vienna and its surroundings. I would like to share my enthusiasm for this city with you, hoping that a few of its sparks make their way to you.


Guided tours in English, German and French

Annelie Pichler
Federally certified Austria tour guide
Vienna ∙ Austria
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Sceau de guide touristique diplômée d‘Autriche